CALL FOR ABSTRACT – 133548 – Microbiome as a common thread from soil to human health: interaction, impact and role of soil-plant-human microbiome as a new challenge of innovative agriculture and quality food.

Nowadays the “Mediterranean diet” is commonly acknowledged by a larger number of consumers internationally as one of the pillars for daily well-being. According to many nutritionists and doctors, the “Mediterranean diet” is one of the most balanced food regimes also rich in “plant-based ingredients ” with a high level in vitamins and minerals as well as in bioactive compounds such as polyphenols.

However, the content in all these compounds in our crops can change dramatically in functions of a list of variables (abiotic and biotic stresses), and more recently, the soil and plant microbiomes have been placed on the top of this list. These microbiomes impact food composition and quality from one side, from the other side they directly and indirectly impact the human microbiome. It is likely to assume that soil microbiome is the link between soil health, plants health and human well-being. Soil and the human gut contain approximately the same number of active microorganisms, while human gut microbiome diversity is only 10% that of soil biodiversity and has decreased dramatically with the modern and urban lifestyle. Moreover the increasing use of agrochemicals, low plant biodiversity and soil management practices had a negative effect on the biodiversity of microbials epiphytes and endophytes. More recentes studies concur with an increase in lifestyle diseases related to human intestinal microbiome disbiose.

This session, with a multidisciplinary view, focuses on the similarity, connection and influences between the soil-plant microbiota and human gut microbiota and thereby human health and nutraceutical food properties, throught the:

Interaction and influence of the soil and plant microbiome on the nutraceutical properties of foods plant origin, • Contribute of Soil and Plant microbiomes on the gut microbiome in case of dysbiosis (e.g. metabolic diseases); • Soil to the Human Gut Microbiome, • Characterization and interactions of soil and plant microbiomes, • The impact of degraded Soil on Human health, • Endophytic, symbiotic interaction between soil and plants microorganisms

KEYWORDS: Soil Microbiome, Human gut Microbiome, Plant Microbiome, Soil – Human Health, Endophytes

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